At this stage, the general design details are agreed and the project now demands that highly involved technical drawings of every bulkhead, piece of furniture, sole and overhead are produced, detailing every millimetre from the crew area to the guest accommodation. Scale drawings not only include the decorative layout and detailing of the rooms and furniture but also the technical installation behind. Lighting plans are produced and every material, fitting and technical installation is incorporated.

Ergonomic requirements are at the forefront of a successful interior design. This not only covers the basics such as bed widths, step heights and headroom but also includes portlight locations and deck saloon detailing to ensure unobstructed sight lines from within the yacht.

All drawings are developed to enable the seamless integration of technical services into the interior layout to maximise interior volume, practicality and accessibility. Accurate co-ordination of items such as air conditioning, sound and vibration control and engine ventilation is vital to ensure cabling and electrical cabinets integrate perfectly with the joinery, allowing crew access where required for maintenance.

Continuous dialogue with the design team ensures conformity to all of the latest International rules and regulations.