The first step in the design process, the Concept Stage, is where the project begins. Our fundamental objective for every project is understanding and fulfilling our client’s dreams. This process begins by acquiring a feel for their lifestyle and appreciating the way in which each client wishes to use their yacht – be it racing in regattas, Arctic exploration or exotic adventures with the family – to establish a design brief.

As dreams, these objectives are sometimes difficult to verbalise, so our process begins with dialogue and hand-drawn sketches before the creation of presentation renderings for discussion. These renderings form the foundation upon which the interior and exterior style of the project is based, bringing to life the ideas and thoughts for the future of the project. This part of the project typically sees a rapid turnover of ideas and concepts to ensure that the project has the right foundations from which to grow.

The key to this stage is a close collaboration with the deign team to maximise the potential of the concept; to create an innovative and homogeneous exterior and interior design solution. At the latter end of this preliminary stage, the sketches are typically translated into CAD for development.