While the concept stage is the broad strokes of the design, the General Details phase fine-tunes the concept with more accurate detail. Artistic renderings combine with detailed computer drawings of furniture details – exact to the millimetre – to create a library of standard details upon which the rest of the project is based.

These drawings not only show dimensions and aesthetic forms, but also material finishes, veneer types, grain directions and construction details. These will form a key for sourcing veneer cuts, fabrics,  woods, stone or state of the art finishes. If the design requires it we will also produce custom designs for the interior hardware Рfrom light switches to door handles to cabinet locks Рall detailed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client.

High-performance yachts, requiring bespoke lightweight interiors, have specific demands, fundamentally the need to save weight. Our extensive knowledge and dedication to detail has allowed us to design some of the fastest lightweight boats in the world, without compromise to the interior quality; most recently evident in the Samurai project and previous to that Hetairos (Panamax). In both cases, revolutionary interior construction techniques and advanced materials were developed in collaboration with the shipyard  and furniture outfitters.