“Firstly I would like to dispense with a myth that interior yacht designers are what people sometimes refer to as ‘cushion fluffers’! Yes, fabrics and soft furnishings are very much part of our programme but in reality it only accounts for a fraction of our overall activity base.

So what do we do? If you glanced at the screens in our Lymington studio you would see CAD drawings of ducting, electrical pathways, air conditioning runs and complicated sections of light weight foam-filled joinery. What we actually produce is very detailed interior (and for many yachts, exterior) engineering design. What the client commissions – and what you see on the finished yacht – is our creative design expertise and our passion to strive for perfection.

As a designer, the real buzz comes from sketching out the initial designs for the owner and engaging in that special relationship that has been in place between client and artists for millennia. But the end result is a highly detailed interior fabrication that is part of a very sophisticated piece of machinery – an ocean-going luxury yacht – and it has to ‘work’.

The front end of our business is important – our body of work covering the highly acclaimed yachts already in the public eye and many more in production creating a buzz in the industry – is judged by what the owners, the shipyards and the media see, especially when they look really closely at the quality of our work. Behind this is our team of interior and exterior designers who also have the technical and engineering knowledge to ensure that our design work functions, as well as looking – and I am not being modest here – stunning.”

Dick Young