So what does Rhoades Young Design do? The first myth to dispense with is that the main involvement of the interior architect on a typical project is the fabrics and soft furnishing specification. Of course, this is a vital component of the final design but it is only a small fragment of the process we undertake.

Designing a yacht is a much more integrated process than a typical land-based ‘architectural project’ where the engineers, architects and interior designers have very separate roles. On a yacht, everything is a balancing-act within a given volume and so we are intimately involved with all technical and engineering elements, from the keel design and structure of the boat to the sound insulation and air conditioning piping, to ensure that every last millimetre of space is used efficiently.

It is typically only at the end of the project that our clients fully appreciate the depth of our involvement in their projects. In reality, our unique position within the project team means that we are involved from the very first sketches of the yacht, through to the detailed technical CAD construction drawings and finally the turn key design of graphics, bespoke art work and light fittings.

It is our belief that it is only when all parties (client, project management, naval architect, shipyard and interior architect) are working closely together with a holistic approach that a truly great yacht – which fulfils all the client’s dreams and aspirations – can be created.